The FISD Ag Science Center is located on the property of Fredericksburg Independent School District in Fredericksburg, TX.  The purpose of the FISD Ag Science Center is to provide an extension to classroom instruction, to maximize learning and to allow FFA members to utilize the complex for their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAEP).

In order for all parties to best utilize the FISD Ag Science Center, there are rules and regulations, which must be observed.  To ensure compliance, FISD employees including agriculture science teachers, facility managers, and administrators will monitor and manage the complex both physically and via security cameras.

It is our goal as a district to set, monitor, and continuously improve a strict set of rules and guidelines to be followed.  This in turn should provide a safe, educational, and rewarding atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Ag Science Center Rules & Regulations

Ag Science Center Usage Application

Ag Science Center Usage Contract

Ag Science Center 2nd pen Application

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Ag Science Center Livestock Cost Estimation Sheet

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