Ms. Mcmurray's courses

1st period: Principles of Floral Design

2nd period: Principles of Floral Design

3rd period: Conference

4th period:Principles of Floral Design

5th period: Principles of Floral Design

6th period: Principles of Floral Design

7th period: Horticulture

8th period: Principles of Floral Design


Mr. Padgett's Courses

1st period: Principles of Agriculture

2nd period: Principles of Agriculture

3rd period: Livestock Production

4th period: Small Animal Management and Equine Science

5th period: Ag Business

6th period: Practicum of Agriculture

7th period: Introduction to Welding

8th period: Prep/ Conference


Mr. Bush's Courses

1st period:  Veterinarian Medical Applications

2nd period: Food Technology

3rd period: Advanced Animal Science

4th period: Conference

5th period: Advanced Animal Science

6th period: Food Processing

7th period: Food Processing

8th period: Ag Business (FFA Judging Class)


Mr. Elrod's Courses

1st period: Introduction to Welding

2nd period: Welding 2

3rd period: Welding 2

4th period: Welding 1

5th period: Welding 1

6th period: Practicum of Welding/ Ag Equipment Design and Fabrication

7th period: Wildlife

8th period: Prep/ Conference